Critical Writing

Musings on video games. I’ve worked in games journalism for some time, writing news,reviews, features and the like, but I’ve always enjoyed the idea of really digging into a game to find out how it ticks. Or why. Or how it makes us tick. At the same time, it’s a little sad how little games writing is dedicated to the games themselves rather than the culture, or the industry. On this page you can find all sorts of topics and all sorts of games; from PSX role-playing games, to city builders, to score-attack first-person shooters. Interesting ideas I try to elaborate on with words that I type on my computer after thinking of them with my brain. My small attempt to treat games like they’re important. Reading and comments are very welcome.

My Deets

Artistic writer, wordy artist, game developer in training. Maker of things, destroyer of snacks, father of three. Hire me! You know, if you want...

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