Coughing, spluttering and reviewing games

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Everyone is sick. The children have snot-filled noses and coughs, Rachel has some sort of Man-Flu for Ladies, and I have a migraine. That means it must be a ridiculously busy day with lots to do and make and clean and watch and think! So most of the household is asleep, Felix is watching Pingu on Netflix (which just launched in New Zealand yesterday) and I’m just sitting here making pixels. Remember you can get your own one of these beautiful… things… by just asking very nicely and giving me a handful of stolen Nazi coins.

Have also been hard at work writing reviews, of all things. Because I have very clever things to say about video games. First up I reviewed ScreamRide, which is an Xbox One game about building roller coasters then breaking them. It’s not nearly as fun as I just made it sound.

I also reviewed Evolve, finally. If you know me, you know I’ve been a LITTLE OBSESSED with Evolve over the last six-to-some months. I think it’s lovely, and violent, and humanity-affirming, and frustrating, and tactical and just a hell of a lot of fun. If you have it on PC (Steam: elephantasms) or Xbox One (gamertag: spewniverse) we should play.

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