Me and My Brain

mepeepI am Andy Astruc and I like to make stuff. In 1991 I was seven years old and I made gritty detective stories on our state-of-the-art Amstrad PC. In 1995 I wrote stage play sequels to Ghostbusters and the Cluedo TV series (with mixed results). When I was 13, I drew pictures of everyone in my year 8 class as objects which represented their personalities. In 2004 I created a webcomic about mentally ill super-deformed misfits stranded on a horrible island, which was enjoyed by at least ten people and included a dead body in a top hat. In 2009 I began writing about video games, one of the most wonderful and terrible things you can ever attempt.

I’m a graphic designer, a cartoonist, a writer, a father of three and an average cook. My mother is very disappointed in me for not learning a musical instrument, but otherwise she’s fine. One of my sons is named after an animated cat. I am available.

I like squares and pencils

Most of my work these days revolves around pixel art, a medium which I had never contemplated until I tried it out once because I wanted to save time. I make pixel caricatures for the masses, art assets for games, animations and all sorts of weird rubbish. I have, in the past, been asked to draw the cast of The X-Files as human-chilli hybrids, Jewish prayer boxes, a sunset from the 1980s, redneck aliens, birds, dogs, cats, more dogs, a mermaid, fishing trawlers, lovers skydiving, a llama made from electrical circuits, Peter Griffin as a pirate, a hip hop artist eating like Pac-Man, a city, an orc, Optimus Prime, Daniel Plainview, a Death Star, an angry old man, and a demonic lucky cat. If you can see it with your eyes (or your mind’s eye) then I can draw it.

I also make traditional art, fuelled by a lifelong love of comics. Once I drew Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head having an unexpected pregnancy.

Make words be good

In my other life, I’m a writer, and definitely not secretly evil or hiding a second family so don’t check. I’ve written for various gaming outlets (Destructoid, Official PlayStation, Games Master) and I currently work for Gamefreaks, a NZ website. Because that’s where I live. New Zealand. Everyone is very nice here because it’s far away and there are no real problems beyond earthquakes and too many sushi restaurants. I write reviews, features, news and extremely witty comments on internet articles. For some time, I ran a site called AWESOMEoutof10, which was a place for proper thoughtful games writing to roost. I still post my games criticisms here when I have the time, because video games are IMPORTANT and SPECIAL and I want to make sure people know that by hitting them with hammers made of words. I do write fiction, too, which I hope to make a part of this site soon. I’ve had a few pieces published here and there, if you’ve a mind to Google.


What a terrible picture. Want to ask a question, or make an order? Mail me all the things! Email or find and harass me on Twitter.